Business Consulting


HBC provides business consulting in a number of areas. Our consultants will meet with you and your leadership team to assess what your desired outcome is, and then apply business forensics to determine the root cause or causes of your challenge, not just identify the symptoms.

At this point, we roll up our sleeves and get to work. We get into the trenches with your team to teach and develop your end result by example and side-by-side mentorship as needed. In the case where a new business strategy or focus is necessary, our Six-Sigma Black Belt consultants will help you make the transitions necessary to grow or transform your business.

HBC focus areas can include:

  1. Business Strategy and Plan Development

  2. Sales Management Training and Team Selection

  3. Middle and Upper Management Leadership Development

  4. Location Expansion

  5. General Operations

  6. Service Management

  7. Mergers & Acquisitions

  8. Fiscal Analysis and Conservancy

  9. I/O Psychology Strategies for People Development

For an initial assessment anywhere in the United States, contact us at: or (206) 229-3568.