Audio Visual, Studio, & Physical Security Design


With over ten years of industry experience in design, HBC can assist you in your functional, protective, or entertainment low-volt design. Our workflow can vary depending on the need of the project, but usually consists of an initial consultation, preliminary design and specification, scope review and refinement, design review, and the implementation process.

To schedule a consultation, contact us at: or (206) 229-3568.

AV Design

HBC will meet with you to identify your end result and work backwards from there. Being independent, HBC is free to design and recommend what products and systems will work best based on your specific needs. Our experience includes residential and commercial work, as well as marine. Systems may include lighting & shade control, systems automation, home cinema, and distributed audio; and our final project history (including equipment) ranges from $5,000 to over $1,000,000.

Recording Studios & “Jam” Rooms

We design custom Jam Rooms and Home Recording studios for professionals and hobbyists alike. Our rooms are designed with your lifestyle in mind.

We provide design, specification and acoustical advice. We now can provide music equipment directly to you at the same price as the larger retailers. Our equipment offerings include PA and Sound Re-enforcement, Sound Processing, and Musical Instruments.

Physical Security

HBC specializes in Physical security concerns including Burglary/Robbery Protection, CCTV, Fire and Access Control Design with an emphasis on Apprehension, not just Prevention. Our consultants will explore every possible threat and provide you with a comprehensive plan to provide you with the absolute best protection. We will submit our findings along with drawings and a summary conclusion of necessary steps to protect persons and property. At your request, we can also assist you in finding a qualified security product installer.

Our consultants are trained not only in protecting existing facilities, but also in the design of systems in the architectural process. With an eye for safety, protection and esthetics, HBC Security consultants will be your best choice for any design project.

Much of what allows or deters physical threats can be found in corporate policies and procedures, and in our our personal mannerisms. Our consultants can be retained to provide training to your team in areas such as the avoidance of workplace violence and personal safety awareness.

Threat Assessment

HBC Security Consultants are specialized in both Corporate/Municipal Security, but also in the unique application in the home. With several high-risk clients, HBC Security can quickly assess vulnerabilities based upon your property or lifestyle and can advise and design the most comprehensive solutions to your concerns. Some of the circumstances we protect against are:

• Kidnapping/Hostage

• Business Espionage

• Press/Media Encroachment

• Breaking & Entering of Home or Office

  1. Unique Protection of Vehicle or Boats

  2. Outdoor Protection

To schedule a consultation, contact us at: or (206) 229-3568.


"I wanted to thank you for your role in the Woodinville Lodge Project. The system design was a great combination of technology, convenience and cost-effectiveness for the client. The client was obviously comfortable with the solution proposed and the expertise you provided. I enjoyed working with you and the client on this project and look forward to working with you on projects in the future." 

- Jim Payne, Vice President - Sonitrol Pacific